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  • 2nd Annual Sean Urda Foundation “Soccer Golf” Outing July 29, 2017

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  • Jonathan Schefer

    Up late missing my pal, can’t believe it has been over a year. Would do anything for just 5 minutes with you again buddy. Till we see each other again, we’ll be kickin it on Heaven’s soccer field. I miss you brother. U deserve to be here having the time of your life. Until next time

  • Kaitlyn Corazzata

    I feel Sean with me even more so today than any other day as I shine this light in his memory. I hope the light and love I feel for him travels from my dorm room all the way to Elwood and up to heaven. A year ago today, I was lucky enough to sit with Sean eating breakfast at First Class as we talked about life and he cracked his usual jokes. I miss him every day and am so grateful for all of the positivity and laughter he brought into my life and the lives of those around him. His spirit inspires me every day to live my best life and appreciate everything this world has to offer. 1 year has passed, but his memory will never fade from my heart. 14 forever

  • Debbie Ainsworth

    It took me a while to compose what I would write about Sean, but today, a year that you were taken from us, I felt compelled to put it in writing. When I first ‘really’ met you, when you and Corey would ask to have a play date up until the time when it wasn’t cool to have a play date and you just wanted to hang out, you always, always, put a smile on my face just seeing you. You knew exactly how to make me mad by calling me Mrs. Ainsworth and you would always do it with the smirk on your face just to see me get riled!! I also loved they way you said Deb-bie when you called me. I loved watching you and cheering you on when you were on the soccer field. You always made me laugh on the sidelines watching you play and goofing off on the field, even though you shouldn’t have been. From the little parties at school when you and Corey were in class together to any of the parties outside of school where we would go together always with that smile/smirk on your face. And always trying to get everyone around you to laugh, which of course you always managed to do. I do think my favorite memories would be the summer soccer games at Brookhaven and the long rides out there and back, just listening to you go on with stories of the day or stories about soccer or listening to you sing. Me and mom would always be in the front seat giving the side glances to each other trying not to laugh at what you were saying or doing at any given time. It just hasn’t been the same in Elwood without you here and I don’t think it ever will be. You made such an impact on this community and everyone you met or didn’t even have to meet. All they had to do was pass you and they would get the vibe of the person that you are. I love you as if you were my own son, because that was they way I treated you. You were a part of our family and you always will be. This isn’t goodbye, its see you later. #14 Forever.

  • Kyle Shouler

    One year ago today and I still think about you everyday since. My life has truly been blessed with the loving and caring friendship that Sean and I had. His goofy smile and contagious laughs will never be forgotten. I love you so much buddy and hope that you are resting easy.

  • Allison Biancardi

    1 year later and I still feel you with me everyday. For example today, such a sad day, I saw you when I happened to walked into Lecture Hall 14 for my first day of statistics. Sean, I love you and miss you more than words and I’m so grateful for our friendship. 💙

  • Tante Karin
  • Tante Karin
  • Tante Karin
  • Tante Karin
  • Tante Karin
  • Tante Karin
  • Tante Karin

    These pictures were taken last year, Thanksgiving 2014. Never leave your iPhone unattended with these two around! I found the pictures after everyone left! Shook my head and laughed out loud! I love you and miss you Sean #14!

  • Hasan King

    Welp here I go. It is 1:55 am on 10/27/15 and I was thinking about all the crazy time Sean and I had . The great time we had playing LAX getting into locker boxing or getting crazy at basketball ball game. Just maybe how you made feel untouchable on Saturday. The drive we both had to take our team to the Chip( chchampionshipgame ) and win senior year because we all knew that the classof2015 was the best of the best. Just wish one more of our conversation. For Sean we all knew him for all the big things but for me it’s him always believeing in me even when I wasn’t smart enough to believe in myself. I miss those little but big at the heart pep talk. I love and Miss you Sean. Keep watching over us, Family, Friends and all of the above. Keep us safe Guardian Angel
    See You Again my Brother
    See you Again

  • Sue Urda

    I still smile when I think of this… Sean, Ty and I were in my car going to pick up some take out. Sean was in the front seat and even though it was chilly outside the boys wanted to ride with the top down, so I turned on the heat and the heated seats. I can still see the huge, cute grin on Sean’s face when the heated seats came on and he shouted, “My butt’s gettin’ hot”. One small moment to cherish forever. You always found a way to have fun and make people smile. I love you, Sean.

  • Alaina Dimitriou

    You asked me to write a memory of a time where Sean made me laugh and smile. However, anyone who knows Sean knows this task is truly impossible. It is impossible because there was not one time with Sean where I or anyone else was not smiling. He had this way about him where even if you were mad at him you were somehow still smiling and laughing with him. His beautiful and caring nature inspires me to start each day with a smile and to also do so for others. Miss you Sean, thank you for each and every smile!

  • Brian lopez

    Hey sean it’s been a while that I haven’t seen you because your far away in a better place. I can only see you in my dreams and all the memories we had together during soccer season when you got mad at me for the stupidest things I did making the team run tours an suicides and all you would say is (wtf brian I’m tired of your shit) and all I would do is laugh but these memories would never leave me it will always be in my heart. I just still can’t believe your gone sean, life was too short for you, you had more years to live to play soccer. I love you buddy take it easy ❤️

  • Allison Biancardi

    This is my clip from the balloon release. I just want to thank you, Gary, Nicole, Tyler and Luke for organizing this event. Sharing this special moment with us means so much and shows your immense strength. The amount of love on that field last night was indescribable. Of course Sean would have done amazing things at the college level, but I think it is important for us to acknowledge the plethora of love and light he had already created and spread in his short time. His contagious laugh, smile and heart have impacted the whole community throughout his years and it was extremely evident last night. I have so much love in my heart for not only Sean but for the rest of your family. Love you guys forever 💙

  • Amy Kern

    I am hopeful that, by now, you understand how very special Sean is to Lilli and to our family. I wanted you to know that “Lillipad” spent a very long time making her decision as to whether to return to camp this summer. She truly feels that her time there could never be as fun or as special as it was with Sean. She talks about Sean frequently and gives me a soulful glance every time we see a cabbage white butterfly. Her Dad and me wanted the decision to be hers. The night before registration, Lilli told us that she decided that she would like to go back to camp. She reasoned in her 8-year-old mind that Sean always wanted to make sure that everyone was having fun and so she knew that he would want her to be having fun with her friends and to enjoy ice cream Fridays. So, it seems to me that you did instill in Sean the importance of choosing the path that makes you happy and Sean, in turn, passed that message on to so many people, including our Lilli. All of our love always, the Kern Family

  • Kate Malia Flore

    Sean was my daughter’s counselor last summer at Harley. She is a very shy 8 year old. Sean would take extra time every morning to make sure he coaxed a smile out of “Sweet Caroline” before they started their day. He was a very thoughtful, polite and respectful kid. You should be very proud of him!