Amy Kern

I am hopeful that, by now, you understand how very special Sean is to Lilli and to our family. I wanted you to know that “Lillipad” spent a very long time making her decision as to whether to return to camp this summer. She truly feels that her time there could never be as fun or as special as it was with Sean. She talks about Sean frequently and gives me a soulful glance every time we see a cabbage white butterfly. Her Dad and me wanted the decision to be hers. The night before registration, Lilli told us that she decided that she would like to go back to camp. She reasoned in her 8-year-old mind that Sean always wanted to make sure that everyone was having fun and so she knew that he would want her to be having fun with her friends and to enjoy ice cream Fridays. So, it seems to me that you did instill in Sean the importance of choosing the path that makes you happy and Sean, in turn, passed that message on to so many people, including our Lilli. All of our love always, the Kern Family

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