Debbie Ainsworth

It took me a while to compose what I would write about Sean, but today, a year that you were taken from us, I felt compelled to put it in writing. When I first ‘really’ met you, when you and Corey would ask to have a play date up until the time when it wasn’t cool to have a play date and you just wanted to hang out, you always, always, put a smile on my face just seeing you. You knew exactly how to make me mad by calling me Mrs. Ainsworth and you would always do it with the smirk on your face just to see me get riled!! I also loved they way you said Deb-bie when you called me. I loved watching you and cheering you on when you were on the soccer field. You always made me laugh on the sidelines watching you play and goofing off on the field, even though you shouldn’t have been. From the little parties at school when you and Corey were in class together to any of the parties outside of school where we would go together always with that smile/smirk on your face. And always trying to get everyone around you to laugh, which of course you always managed to do. I do think my favorite memories would be the summer soccer games at Brookhaven and the long rides out there and back, just listening to you go on with stories of the day or stories about soccer or listening to you sing. Me and mom would always be in the front seat giving the side glances to each other trying not to laugh at what you were saying or doing at any given time. It just hasn’t been the same in Elwood without you here and I don’t think it ever will be. You made such an impact on this community and everyone you met or didn’t even have to meet. All they had to do was pass you and they would get the vibe of the person that you are. I love you as if you were my own son, because that was they way I treated you. You were a part of our family and you always will be. This isn’t goodbye, its see you later. #14 Forever.

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