Hasan King

Welp here I go. It is 1:55 am on 10/27/15 and I was thinking about all the crazy time Sean and I had . The great time we had playing LAX getting into locker boxing or getting crazy at basketball ball game. Just maybe how you made feel untouchable on Saturday. The drive we both had to take our team to the Chip( chchampionshipgame ) and win senior year because we all knew that the classof2015 was the best of the best. Just wish one more of our conversation. For Sean we all knew him for all the big things but for me it’s him always believeing in me even when I wasn’t smart enough to believe in myself. I miss those little but big at the heart pep talk. I love and Miss you Sean. Keep watching over us, Family, Friends and all of the above. Keep us safe Guardian Angel
See You Again my Brother
See you Again

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